Supreme Grand Master Janus

Sanctius uses Supreme Grand Master Janus as an example and mentor.

"I am Supreme Grand Master Sanctius. I have served the Emperor's Imperium faithfully, violently, and effectively. I have killed Daemons, Heretics, and Mutants with but a single thought. Those who seek to corrupt my mind and soul have all met my soldiers, my Grey Knights, with thoughts of purity and devotion. Enemies of the Imperium, fear our existence!" - Supreme Grand Master Sanctius, using the power of fear to crush his foes' morale.

Supreme Grand Master Sanctius is the most powerful Grey Knight in his Chapter and has served his Chapter and the Imperium for almost half a millennia. He is the most powerful psyker in the Grey Knights, able to use Alpha-Plus psychic attacks. He has upheld his faith for the Emperor in thousands of ways, upon thousands of different worlds, upon thousands of enemies. His faith in the Emperor and His Imperium speak for the whole Chapter. His wargear includes a Master Crafted Power Sword named Primaris Ultimas and a Nemesis Daemonhammer that was named Daemonfell. His actions speak multitudes louder than his words. He seeks only to humble the lesser beings he calls his enemies, but should they attack, he will utterly destroy their mind and soul from the Warp as though they were dust.