300px-The Hammer

Sternguard Invictus staring down his foe.

"I am the Daemon's fear incarnate. I am what the Heretics run in terror from. I smite down all those who seek to refuse the Emperor's Dominion." -Sternguard Invictus.

Sternguard Invictus is 225 years old and has faithfully served his Chapter and his Brethren brutally and efficiently. His wargear includes a Psycannon he named Hammer of Light. He wears a suit of Master Crafted armour, forged by the Techpriests of Mars. The things that power this Son of Titan's armour are zeal and hatred for any and all things that seek to destroy the Emperor's Imperium. He as lived by the Imperium and he will die in service to the Imperium.