Justicar Decimus wielding his Nemesis Force Falchion.

"I look to Daemons to strike fear in my heart... But I feel only pity. I look to the Emperor to find faith... I find that and so much more... The Emperor will protect me in His Holy embrace within the Warp, where I shall fight along side our most Holy Creator for an eternity." - Justicar Decimus

Justicar Decimus is a 170 year old Space Marine of the Grey Knights Chapter. He is one of the Supreme Grand Master's Chosen Ones, for he was recruited below the minimum level. Sanctius saw something in this Astartes that he hasn't seen in a long time. He saw a fire that was like his own when he was recruited. Eager to prove himself to his Chapter, Decimus has accomplished many feats of faith, skill, and honour.