Grey Knight vs Chaos Cultist

Grand Master Aurelias in his early days, hunting down a Chaos Cultist.

"Upon the Fires of our forges on Titan, you shall burn. In the Depths of the deepest oceans, you shall drown in your own weakness. Under the edge of my own blade, you will meet your doom. One day, I will die. Whether it shall be by a Heretic's hand or another foe entirely, I do not know. I do know, however, that even if I die, my faith will keep me alive in the Warp, where I shall destroy your gods' empires for a thousand years until they are dust beneath my boot." Grand Master Aurelias, speaking to a Chaos Marine, crawling away from him.

Grand Master Aurelias has served his Creator's Imperium for close to 300 years. His faith is undying, his skill unmatched. He has killed tens of thousands of enemies in the Emperor's undying name, destroyed countless cults of Heretics, and made his name synonymous with fear. His wargear includes a relic of the chapter that was once wielded by one of the first Grand Masters, a Nemesis Warding Stave. Despite being a weapon of a more defensive nature, Aurelias uses it expertly in getting a killing blow on his foes, sending the bottom end of the stave directly through the chest cavity of his foes. Aside from using this relic, his primary weapon isn't a material one. He uses his highly formidable psychic power, which rival the powers of Grand Master Erdelyi and the Supreme Grand Master himself, to smite his foes into the Warp.